Tellus Srl is a spin-off company of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, a public university committed to excellence in research.



Tellus is aimed to innovation transfer, agricultural extension and consulting in agriculture, bio-based productions and agro-environmental themes.



Our agronomist and environmental scientists have gained over ten years’ experience in design of sustainable agricultural systems, land suitability assessment and spatial data analysis.


Tellus is aimed at knowledge and technology transfer in the agricultural and environmental fields, through the design and integration of extension services, comprising the analysis of the context, consultancy and training.

Tellus wants to work along with companies, organizations and entities operating in the environmental, agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, in the green chemistry and renewable enrgy fields, towards the adoption of sustainable development models.

Tellus operates at three levels: farms/company level, supply-chain level, territorial level.

  • At farm/company scale, Tellus supports individual or associated entrepreneurs in the adoption of sustainable and efficient practices, tools and models;
  • At supply-chain scale,  Tellus drives the stakeholders towards the adoption of innovative low-impact models, promoting a Life Cycle Thinking approach, based on the implementation of sustainable processes;
  • At regional scale, Tellus addresses the stakeholders towards sustainable and conscious land and resource management.